Association, Legislative and Business Supporters


Thanks to our Association, Legislative and Business Supporters.

Combined with our ever growing MLA membership of Individuals we represent an all-encompassing show of support.


“Missouri Farm Bureau applauds the efforts of the Missouri Landowners Alliance to coordinate action in opposition to Grain Belt Express.  We urge all concerned citizens to express their views directly to elected officials and the Missouri Public Service Commission as well as through our respective organizations and others.”

“Missouri Farm Bureau has long been a defender of property rights whether it involved cases of eminent domain or regulatory abuse,” said Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst. “Our board of directors consulted with county Farm Bureau leaders and has voted to oppose eminent domain authority for the GBE project. The benefits claimed by the developers absolutely do not justify the granting of eminent domain to the newly formed company selling electricity to out-of-state customers.”

Blake Hurst, President, Missouri Farm Bureau


“We support the Missouri Landowners Alliance  on principle.”

Bob Denlow, Partner


Illinois Farm Bureau

“Hopefully our efforts in Illinois will be successful and will assist in your opposition to Grain Belt.”

Laura Harmon, Office of General Consul


Tom Dempsey, Missouri Senate President Pro Tem, has written to the MoPSC expressing concerns and doubts about Clean Line’s claims of benefits to Missourians.  Read his communication to MoPSC.

Well over 1,000 supporters have signed a petition at opposing Clean Line.


Gatril Enterprises

“We produce products that help the livestock industry. We 100% disagree with a for-profit, private company getting eminent domain status and seizing private land.”

Jeff and Jennifer Gatril, Owners 


Missouri Cattlemens Association

“The Board of Directors of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Associated ratified their support of the MLA on June 19, 2014.”

Mike Deering, Missouri Cattlemens Association
Executive Vice President

Support quotes are used by permission or are a matter of public record.