The Missouri Landowners Alliance is committed to protecting the property rights of Missouri landowners.

You do not have to donate to join!  Membership to MLA is FREE.

Almost all of our fundraising will be used in our legal representation team and hiring expert witnesses.  Our lead attorney, Paul Agathen is working “pro bono”.  This means he is working for free, other than reimbursement of out of pocket expenses.  That’s right!  No bill for services to the Alliance from Paul!  And, other attorneys have also extended their hands to help in various capacities.  They are also working pro bono.

Thankfully Mr. Agathen and the other attorneys are as passionate as we are and able to bring their professional skills to our cause.

But, in order to build the best case possible at this high stakes table we have to be prepared to present the best expert witnesses in the land.  Each of these witnesses are very expensive – usually in the tens of thousands of dollars EACH! The Alliance will procure the best witnesses we can afford in order to support our intervention goals.

Donations in any amount are  encouraged and sincerely appreciated.  We will graciously accept any amount.  But, remember, membership to the MLA is FREE!

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