Directors & Officers


Don Lowenstein, CPA - President – Director

I’ve lived with my wife Ruth on our farm near Cameron Missouri over 30 years.  We’ve raised our six children on that farm.  We plan to retire on that farm.  Presently, our children have started their families, in and around our farm and within our local community.  We also have owned and operated a local CPA firm and a cow-calf operation for that entire time.

One of the proposed Clean Line power lines was planned to run across my front yard view, a few hundred feet from my house.  I was never contacted by Clean Line.  A neighbor told me.  I felt totally violated and decided to take a stand for what I believe is the right thing to do.

Whether the power line is on my land or your land is not my issue.  My issue is about the United States Constitution’s Fifth Amendment which imposes limitations on the exercise of eminent domain:  the taking must be for public use and just compensation must be paid.

I don’t believe that the Clean Line project is for the public use of Missourians.  It appears to affect relatively few Missourians.

I do believe that “just compensation” is in the eye of the beholder.  Building a family of three generations on a family farm to me is priceless and not for sale.

Loren Sprouse – Vice-President - Director




Jeff Cole, BA, MBA - Secretary – Director

For the past 25 years, I have been managing human tissue transplants, regionally and nationally for the nation’s largest not-for-profit human tissue banks. My beautiful wife Erin and reside on a small 40 acre farm where we have planted a u-pick apple orchard and plan to build an apple cider mill, replicating the Louisburg Cider Mill. We have also planted the third commercial bittersweet farm in the US, growing over 900 plants of the decorative shrub for the craft and floral market. Erin and I have 6 children and 2 grandchildren, and raise Old English Babydoll lambs, our beloved Anatolian Shepherds, chickens and turkeys.

My wife and I believe in the family farm, and the individual landowners who work hard to manage their land for self-sufficiency, income and future family generations. They truly understand they are the caretakers of the land for a short period of time on this earth, just like their ancestors before them, and the children to follow.

Katie McKay, CPA – Treasurer – Director

Name: Katie E. McKay
Age: 30
Married: 8/31/13
Occupation: CPA / Software Support

Katie is a resident of Cameron Missouri.  She was born in Chicago, IL and moved when she was young with her family to Cameron, where she was raised.  She attended the University of Missouri – Columbia and received a bachelors and masters degree in accounting.  She passed her CPA exam and became a government auditor at a firm in Kansas City, MO.  She then decided to join her father’s software business and moved back to Cameron, MO.  She was married last August and hopes to start having children sometime in the near future.

How this affects her and her family:

My husband and I rent a home in Cameron, MO from my father.  Our home is located on 6 acres and it lies directly next to my parent’s 270 acre cattle farm.   My husband and I recently married in August of 2013 in our back yard.  We planned on buying the house and acreage from my father early 2014. We also plan to have children sometime during 2014.  One of the original proposed lines would run behind my home as well as all through my parent’s farm.  My brother and pregnant sister in law, and their 8 month old child, live down the road.  The line also will run through their farm and only run a few hundred feet from their home.

Even though the route by my home was eliminated as a potential route, I have conducted enough research on these types of energy lines and do not believe anyone should be faced with having these lines by their house or property.  I cannot speak as much to the eminent domain since I do not own my land.  However, my passion for this project is solely based on principal. It started with fear of negative impact on my family. It continued and will continue based on my core beliefs and morals.

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