Working together to protect landowners property rights

The Missouri Landowners Alliance is a non-profit, Missouri corporation organized in 2014. We are managed by a four-person Board of Directors and officers, none of whom will receive any compensation (other than for out-of-pocket expenses).

Our primary purpose is to intervene in the Missouri Public Serrvice Commission (MoPSC) hearings for Clean Line’s Grain Belt Express’ (GBE) application for public utility status in Missouri.  Should the MoPSC approve Clean Line’s application, they will be granted the power of Eminent Domain.

Clean Line is a corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas, which is trying to build a 750 mile high voltage transmission line from western Kansas, across Missouri and Illinois, and ending finally in Indiana. In order to do that they must procure easements across a four state area. Kansas and Indiana have already granted public utility status to Clean Line for the GBE project.

Missouri and Illinois have not yet granted approval. But, Clean Line is working hard to get their approval. They have a huge head start. Many of the land owners along the Missouri proposed route are just finding out about the threat of Eminent Domain to their farms and properties.

All the while, over the last two years, Clean Line has been working with all of the county commissioners in the affected counties to garner their support. Therefore, time is of the essence for our Alliance to organize and fight against this proposal. Our county commissioners and MoPSC commissioners must hear both sides of the story before making a decision.

The MoPSC will determine if the Clean Line GBE proposal is necessary or convenient for the public service or not.   The Missouri Landowners Alliance will oppose Grain Belt’s application in that case.

Our Alliance it working hard to earn your trust, recruit members and Collect donations.  Lots of people have stepped forward to help, including our lead attorney, Paul Agathen.   Four other attorneys are also providing consultation and assistance to Paul on various matters.  But, our need for more help is constant and we urge you to assist us in any way you can.

Lastly, we appeal to you to contact your county commissioners and voice your concerns with them. We believe that they hold a very important key to this puzzle. Be sure they know your opinion and that their primary fiduciary duty is to represent you and not an out-of-state business proposal.

For More information please contact us:
PO Box 98
309 N. Main Street
Cameron, MO 64429