Working together to protect landowners property rights

The Missouri Landowners Alliance is a non-profit, Missouri corporation organized in 2014. We are managed by a four-person Board of Directors and officers, none of whom receive any compensation.

Our primary purpose is to intervene at the Missouri Public Service Commission (MoPSC) legal proceedings in opposition to the Grain Belt Express, a 780 mile high voltage DC transmission line from western Kansas, across Missouri and Illinois, terminating in Indiana where it would connect with the PJM, the grid that supplies the northeast states. Grain Belt Express, a subsidiary of Clean Line Energy Partners, a private company headquartered in Houston, Texas has applied for a Certificate of Convenience and Necessity in Missouri.  Should the MoPSC approve Clean Line’s application, the company would be granted the power of Eminent Domain.

To construct the line, the company intends to acquire approximately 5000 acres of prime farmland through condemnation, if necessary, from around 600 landowners in Missouri alone. Kansas, Illinois, and Indiana have already granted public utility status to Grain Belt Express. Several parties opposed to the line in Illinois, however, have appealed the Illinois decision.

If approved, the use of eminent domain for a project with little or no benefit to our state would be a gross violation of property rights and would establish a very dangerous precedent for our country.  Furthermore, the transmission line would place an enormous burden on landowners as it would reduce property values and farm productivity while negatively impacting the quality of our lives and potentially affecting our health, safety and environment.

The grave concerns and grassroots efforts by so many landowners were noted by the Commission. Grain Belt’s first application was denied just 14 months ago by the Missouri Public Service Commission. It was determined that the project was not needed by our state and that the burden that would be placed on impacted landowners were outweighed by any benefit to the grid and its ratepayers. Grain Belt then filed a second application on June 29th 2016 and was denied as the company failed to provide the required 60 day advance notice. On August 30th, 2016 the company submitted its third application. If denied, we believe this will be Grain Belt’s final application.

The Missouri Landowners Alliance is committed to defeating the Grain Belt Express transmission line and will intervene in opposition to its application. With your support, we can present a strong case and defeat the Grain Belt Express application a third and final time.

Our Alliance it working hard to earn your trust, recruit members and Collect donations.  Lots of people have stepped forward to help, including our lead attorney, Paul Agathen.   Four other attorneys are also providing consultation and assistance to Paul on various matters.  But, our need for more help is constant and we urge you to assist us in any way you can.


For More information please contact us:
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